breakfast issue

publisher’s note

Carl Bazelais, publisher

breakfast issue

Breakfast is absolutely one of my favorite meals of the day. In America, four out of five people never skip breakfast. This is why certain restaurants serve breakfast in the morning, lunch, and dinner.

I usually don’t skip breakfast, but there are times when I do. For instance, when I fast for health or religious reasons – sometimes can be very challenging because knowing that I am purposely skipping one of the most essential and favorite meals of the day.

In the Caribbean, we pair proteins with either green bananas or root vegetables. This is typical of a Caribbean breakfast but different from country to country even using the same ingredients. The decision to do the breakfast issue this fall was purely an interest in seeing each Caribbean country’s favorite or popular breakfast.

We didn’t quite get to cover all of the Caribbean nations, but I had the pleasure of talking with a few dedicated and hard-working chefs together for this issue to talk about their country’s favorite breakfast. Thank you Chefs Dailis Ferrer Moreira from Cuba, Kenroy Kentish from Jamaica, Arthur Patrick from Trinidad, and Judeley Robert from Haiti, my home.

Thank you all for being so loyal and dedicated to the progress of this publication.

Carl Bazelais

Content Fall 2022