Fall 2022,  Interview

Chef Judeley Robert on Fwa Di one of Haiti’s favorite breakfasts

Chef Judeley Robert on Fwa Di (beef liver) one of Haiti’s favorite breakfasts.

What about this dish makes it a typical or favorite Haitian breakfast?

I think the beef liver, fwa di, is a typical Haitian breakfast. It is eaten only for breakfast. Though, I can’t say that it is our “favorite breakfast” because we have a bunch of different breakfast meals that we love and enjoy. But it’s one that I can say your wife will cook for you for sure.

Is this a dish one can find in any part of the country, or is it specific to a certain region of Haiti?

Yes, you can find that dish everywhere in Haiti, Jacmel, Aux Cayes, maybe with a different twist but the same principal ingredients.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be okay to have this dish for lunch, but I’m curious – can it also be eaten for lunch?

I have never seen anyone eat fwa di for lunch or dinner – always in the morning. But the fwa can be eaten for lunch with mayi moulen.

What are some of your favorite Haitian breakfast foods?

I love to eat egg sandwiches and sausage spaghetti, and I also love pate kode.

Have you noticed any new trends in Haitian food culture?

Yes, it’s not really a trend, but we use more local products, and these days, we try to fusion Haitian food with other cuisines, like pizza griyo or lanbi.

If so, how do you feel about the trend?

I think that we have a lot of work to do to personalize the Haitian food culture and serve them in our restaurants. The fusion is also a good idea, but we need to be careful not to change the original.

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