Chef's Profile,  Haitian Heritage Month,  Spring 2021

Chef Vlad Ferrus

Chef Vlad Ferrus’ Bio

Vladimir Ferrus known as Chef Vlad Ferrus was born in New York City and raised in Haiti, He started helping his mother who is also a chef, and had a catering service in Haiti (Caf4). That is when Chef Vlad fell in love with the culinary arts, by watching and helping his mother. Nothing brings more joy to his heart than flavorful and authentic cooking. He started by cooking Haitian food, which is bold in preparation, diverse in flavor, rich in taste, and amazing in smell. It draws influence from Creole, African, and native indigenous Taino cultures.

From there he wanted to know more about food in other cultures, he wanted to try it all, he decided to go to culinary school, he graduated from the “Ecole des métiers de la restauration et du tourism de Montréal” in Canada, in 2014 with special certificates in pastry making.

Then he started working for the casino of Montreal as a cook, where he helped to assemble dishes, meanwhile, he also had a part-time job as a chef for the wedding catering business only, that is what we call Passion with a big P.
Chef Vlad won a few awards in Canada for different cooking competitions, while still living in Canada he won first place for a Taste of Haiti. In 2017 Chef Vlad moved to the United States to continue his dream, there he got a job as a sous chef at the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort Hotel in Saint Pete Beach Florida for 3 years, where he gained most of his skills, perfecting the art of plate and decoration.

While working as a sous chef, he was also working on a recipe to make his own hot sauce, it took him a few months and a couple of fails to find the perfect balance between spicy and tasty, and another few month to combine them to make ADIK HOT SAUCE.
Chef Vlad is the creator/owner of Adik Hot Sauce, the company was launched in January 2019, fast forward October of 2020 Chef Vlad met businesses owner and Marketing guru Karoll-ann Fanfan who tasted Adik and fell in love with the product and decided to become a business partner for the company. Honestly, the rest is history, ADIK has a long way to go, just like Chef Vlad.

Chef Vlad’s own Word: “I created the recipes, with love and passion. It was a way to pay tribute to my Haitian background while sharing the taste of Haiti with those near and far.
Every meal that I created reflects these values, providing not only excellent taste but also nourishment for the mind and body.”

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