Articles,  Spring 2018

Publisher’s Note (Spring 2018)

Spring is the season synonymous with a new beginning and new life. This is one of the many reasons why it is my favorite time of year. And for that reason, I decided to launch the first issue of Chef’s Corner Magazine which exclusively celebrates Haitian chefs and gastronomy. I am so thankful for the harvesting of fresh crops, outdoor festivals, and events.

In this issue, you will find a deliciously refreshing, Chef‛s Favorite seasonal recipe from Executive Chef Alain Lemaire and recipes from Haitian chefs in our communities. Damourude Lazarre shares with us her lifestyle change for better health, and I‛m sure you will find the recipes from holistic lifestyle coach and raw vegan chef Nzingah Oniwosan very refreshing. Bountifully, this spring bares so many different products which made selecting just ten a bit challenging. However, we handpicked a delightful list of exotic tropical fruits for their benefits which you would want to introduce to your diet.

Lastly, but undoubtedly as important, I am so grateful for all the contributors who took time away from their family and own projects, meeting deadlines to make this publication possible. We honestly could not do without you.

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