Chef's Profile,  Haitian Heritage Month,  Spring 2021

Chef James Lubin

Chef James Lubin’s Bio

Owner of Semaj’s One Way Catering.

Semaj’s One Way Catering is owned by Chef James Lubin. He was born to two amazing culinarians Louis and Julienne Lubin. At a very young age, Chef Lubin burned a good portion of his parent’s kitchen, and from that point on his mother decided to take him under her wing and teach him a thing or two.

He is a Graduate of Hospitality Management at Florida International University. He is also a native of South Florida with many Caribbean influences. He brings over 20 years of foodservice experience working on South Beach for restaurants like “1220” and “The Terrace”.

He has also taught in the Miami Dade County Public School System for over 15 years as a Chef/Instructor. He is a Certified Food Protection Manager/Instructor. His attention to detail serves an array of guests.

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