Artisan Profile,  Fall 2021

Creole Me Up: ‘Creole Marinade with Sass’

Chef Elsy Dinvil launched her “Creole Marinade with Sass under her brand line of Creole Me Up

Two years ago, in the foodie community of Portland, Oregon, Haitian Chef Elsy Dinvil launched her “Creole Marinade with Sass under her brand line of Creole Me Up, “It is like every one of my products – inspired by everything I learned in Haiti while cooking by my mother’s side in Haiti as a kid.”, she said.

The bold flavors of pureed herbs and spices mimic what is known as epis in the Haitian Kreyol language, allow the opportunity to explore those same Haitian flavors in your kitchen. Her newest marinade, Creole Marinade with Sass is part of three solid marinades; Creole Marinade with An A-ttitude and Sassy in Pink Marinade has been available in the market in Portland, Oregon.

Who are the players behind your product?

I am the main forefront player behind the development of every one of the products in the Creole Me Up food product line. The second main players in solidifying a recipe are my employees and the third group is my customers. After developing a product and I am satisfied with the overall flavors, I introduce it to the public and ask my customers to play with it and give me some feedback assuring them they won’t be judged or looked down upon no matter how negative their opinion about it might be. Usually, this statement brings a smile to my customers’ faces and loosens them a bit. My customers are always very opened to help.

What is the most challenging thing about the food manufacturing business?

For me, the most challenging part of the food manufacturing business is the lack of capital. Currently, I can easily hire 10 people to effectively operate, but as a business owner, I am functioning on half-capacity. Creole Me Up has amazing products that sell, but lack of capital tremendously slows our growth as a company.

When did you start making this product?

I start making Creole Marinade with Sass two years ago, and it has been a hit since.

Where can we find your products?

We mostly sell our products at some local stores and mainly at farmers’ markets around Portland, Oregon.

Why should anyone buy your products?

Everyone should buy my products because my products were created to bring happiness to all bellies especially the ones dealing with food allergies. All my products including the Creole Marinade with Sass, are free of allergens, processed sugars, dairy, corn, and soy. Unless someone is allergic to some rare vegetables, everyone can freely enjoy my products. Plus, I use extra virgin oil in all my products, which wow my new customers inquiring about the type of oil and sugars I use.

How many employees do you have?

I have five production employees and a group of solid independent contractors.

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