Artisan Profile,  Summer 2022

Chef Jeanette Marcelle, Handmade by Jeanette

Chef Jeanette Marcelle of Handmade by Jeanette

Meet Jeanette Marcelle of Trinidad & Tobago, better known as Chef Marcelle. She has been in the culinary/hospitality industry for over two decades. She has also worked locally, and internationally in places such as Nikki Beach Barbados and The Yellow Restaurant in Martinique.

Starting her product line was something she has always wanted to do but never really focused on. It wasn’t until the pandemic collectively sent all of us to our rooms, that she dusted off my recipe book and started her Agri-processing business. She now has a full suite of clean granola, unique sauces, spice rubs, and teas.

Who are the players behind your product?

I have no partners! The players behind my products are the customers who have been buying my products since the launch of my manufacturing company in 2020.

What aspect of the food manufacturing business do you find most challenging?

What I find most challenging about the food manufacturing business is the lack of accessibility to packaging such as bottles and some of my raw ingredients being in the Caribbean. I try to use at least 75 % of locally sourced ingredients such as tamarind, coconut, scorpion pepper, and Trinidad and Tobago’s world-famous cocoa beans.

When did you start making this product?

I started making with this product line in 2020.

Where can we purchase your products?

Currently, my products can be purchased in 10 different locations in Trinidad. They can also be ordered online and shipped anywhere in the world.

Why should anyone buy your products?

When you buy HBJ products you buy a specialty crafted product that is free of additives and added sugar, and you are supporting a woman-owned business.

How many employees do you have?

We have five employees – two full-time and three part-time.

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