Artisan Profile,  Summer 2022

Myrlande St Louis, It’s Mami’s Seasoning Company

Myrlande St Louis of It’s Mami’s Seasoning Company

Myrlande’s love for cooking started at the age of four years old when her father brought home her first frying pan. As she expresses, “from that day on, my mother would always make room for me in the kitchen.”

She learned, not only from her mother but also from her grandmother Emma. Over the years, she has incorporated their style of cooking with her own twist while keeping the traditional full of Haitian flavor.

As per her brand, It’s Mamis epis it is very versatile and can be used for whatever style of food you are cooking.

She named her seasoning It’s Mamis because she believes that her mother is the absolute best cook. She describes her seasoning as more than just seasoning but a tradition that has been passed down to her for many generations which she is now sharing with all of us from her kitchen to ours.

Who are the players behind your product?

As of now, the major players behind our brand is just regular folks from the different community who have heard of us or seen my videos on Facebook. We are talking to some chain stores but I’m not ready to reveal who just yet. 

What aspect of the food manufacturing business do you find most challenging?

Getting the right ingredients and knowing the nature of each ingredient because they each have their flavor. Lastly is to know how to properly mix them to get the best results. 

When did you start making this product?

2 years ago I created my very first Marinade. Which was named “The Original Kreyol Marinade.”

Where can we find your products?

I have all of our products listed on my website. At You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Our YouTube page will be up soon.

Why should anyone buy your products?

You should buy our products because they are 100% natural with a kick of the Caribbean flavor. 

How many employees do you have?

We have five employees.

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