Artisan Profile,  Summer 2022

Tshiomara Joseph, Mama’s West Indian Spice

Tshiomara Joseph of Mama’s West Indian Spice

Who are the players behind your product?

This product was created during the pandemic while I was thinking about the lack of a Haitian dry blend with all the elements of the island. We are always purchasing other cultures’ blends to supplement our epis. After much testing, I came up with the blend that tastes just like epis without MSG. I cannot say that there are a lot of players behind this blend. It took over a year to come up with the product. When you have an idea like this it’s difficult to get the support needed to push the product. 

What aspect of the food manufacturing business do you find most challenging?

The most challenging aspect of creating a food product is the investment that you’re oblivious to because the information is not readily available. Second I would say the process through the department of agriculture. And thirdly, the GS1 process and last getting into stores. 

When did you start making this product? 

I started making this product in May 2020.

Where can we find your products? 

You can find Mama’s West Indian Spice products at our online store;

Why should anyone buy your products?

You should buy my product because it will change the way you cook. Most Caribbean chefs believe in blending their spices, but with Mama’s West Indian Spice blend, there is no need for additives. We also source the best quality spice to maintain quality and freshness. I know that some people would answer with this blend created with love [laughter inserted]. My answer is simpler than that. This blend was created to entice your palette. Our hot sauce is great on everything except cereal. 

How many employees do you have?

We are currently a team of four. 

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