Artisan Profile,  Spring 2020

CariBelle Foods

Who are the players behind your product?

My name is Hesma Tyson, the founder and Managing Director of Caribelle Foods. I am responsible for the research and development of our entire line of products.

What is the most challenging thing about the food manufacturing business in Trinidad & Tobago?

One of the challenges of being involved in the food manufacturing business in Trinidad and Tobago is the availability of packaging. Our bottles have to be imported and at times it is often difficult to obtain. 

When did you start making this product?

Caribelle Foods was formed in 2008 with the vision to produce natural Caribbean condiments. It took almost two years to create shelf-stable products that are free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors with a shelf life of 15 months. 

Where can we find your products?

At present we are available only in Trinidad and Tobago but we are poised to begin exporting to the USA since our products have received USFDA approval for export to the USA. We are also setting our sights on Canada and the UK.

The current line of products are as follow:

Hot Sauces:

  1. Rum Flavoured – Our signature hot sauce infused with dark Caribbean rum
  2. Tamarind- A delectable blend of tamarind and scotch bonnet peppers
  3. Mango – A smooth and tasty blend of local mangoes and scotch bonnet peppers
  4. Ooh La La – A pumpkin-based traditional Caribbean hot sauce with a touch of the famous Moruga Scorpion pepper 
  5. Celery Hot Sauce – A unique blend of celery, local cilantro, and scotch bonnet peppers


  1. Tamarind and Mango – A fruity combination that has been blended with local herbs and spices and a touch of pepper
  2. Lime and Mango – A tangy but sweet dip that is mildly spicy.
  3. Tomato and Cilantro – A unique blend of tomatoes and local cilantro with a slight pepper

Why should anyone buy your products?

We want people to buy our gourmet products because they are natural and vegan. They are full of flavor and heat, with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, handcrafted with pride and love.

How many employees do you have?

We are a total of three employees, but since we use a shared factory facility to produce our products, their employees assist in the process to ensure that we can accommodate demands for our products.

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